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Coosh is the latest product of our multi-award winning design team, and sports the world’s first patented spring hinge technology in eyewear.

Our Little Black Frame - Reborn

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Our Little Black Frame


Product Features



Well-balanced fit for long-term wearing comfort

Holding Power

Spring coil and its robust “spring back” function provides excellent holding power on the face

Impact Absorbency

Impact absorbency and immediate recovery after impact

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“You can have any color as long as it is black.” – Henry Ford. We only have Coosh in black currently but stay tuned for future updates.
All optical outlets in Singapore are required to have optometrists/opticians serve their customers. The optometrists/opticians are to be certified with the Optometrists & Opticians Board. (http://www.healthprofessionals.gov.sg/content/hprof/oob/en.html)
You can but it is not advisable because of the strict hygiene conditions required to use contact lens. During NS, you may not have the luxury of a clean environment.
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